The following requirements have to be fulfilled by a any useful standard process for determining the levels of pollutants, CO2 emissions and energy consumption of small to mid-size batch coffee roasting machines

  • R1: comparable
    the results should allow to compare the efficiency and emissions of roasting machines on the market
  • R2: universal
    the process needs to be applicable to all types of small to mid-sizes of roasting machines for which the necessary measurements can be taken
  • R3: total
    the total energy used and pollution generated by the machine should be taken into account, incl. the one used during preheating and cool-down, and also electrical energy used by motors and electronics
  • R4: relevant
    the results should translate to consumption and emissions in standard machine operation and thus relate directly to the efficiency of a machine type as it is specified and sold
  • R5: practical
    easy enough to conduct
  • R6: repeatable
    independent entities can verify the results
  • R7: complete
    the process needs to be fully defined in every relevant detail
  • R8: well-documented
    the full roast process, like preheat, burner changes during and temperatures during the roast, properties of the green beans like moisture, density, origin, and the roast result, like roasts degree, needs to be document